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21 Southern Sun hotels earn 2023 Booking.com Traveller Review Awards.

An impressive 21 Southern Sun hotels across the group’s various brands have been rated higher than eight out of 10 in the Booking.com Traveller Review Awards this year, as voted by world travellers on criteria that include remarkable quality, service and value. Southern Sun’s ongoing commitment to creating exceptional experiences at distinctive destinations across South Africa, from luxury getaways and…

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Portia M recognised as the most Admired Women-Owned Brand in South Africa.

Brand Africa announced South African skin care brand, ‘Portia M’ as the most admired and highest ranking women-owned brand in South Africa.  The award is based on the South African results of the 12th annual Brand Africa 100:  Africa’s Best Brands 2022 survey and rankings of the ‘most admired brands in Africa.’   Portia M, the affordable skin care brand and business was founded in 2011 by Phalaborwa,…

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