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Beauty and The Bloke.

Foundation, concealer, a little eyeliner… More and more men now put on makeup on a daily basis.  For the first time in centuries, men wearing makeup is not completely taboo. Thanks to social media and the emergence of male beauty influencers like Charli X Boi, makeup is becoming more gender-inclusive. This concept, however, is hardly new. Charli X Boi as…

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Brand South Africa has announced the winner of the Youth Empowerment Category as part the ongoing Play Your Part Awards.

Johannesburg |04 August 2021- Brand South Africa has announced the first winner of the ongoing Play Your Part Awards, in the Youth Empowerment category. The judges were looking for a movement that demonstrated a true commitment to a long-term, mutually beneficent collaboration that delivered real, measurable social, governmental and/or environmental benefits. Kopano Youth Club (KYC), a registered Non-Profit Organisation , founded…

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