The Aphia Sakyi’s brand is definitely changing the African narrative by projecting the rich culture and art that is always left out (when people think of Africa they think only of hunger and poverty).

Ghanaian designer Aphia Sakyi’s work cannot go unnoticed in the Coming 2 America a movie which has recently made its grand entrance into the world of entertainment.

Aphia Sakyi is a fashion brand that helps individuals embrace who they are, and love where they come from. They show this by crafting African wearable art necklaces that suits their personality and connects them to their roots.

”The fashion and art industry game has changed immensely and this happened when we accepted who we are as Africans and there is still more to achieve”, she said.

Her work was definitely African and a buzz to the fashionista eye and seemed to have dominated the movie where accessories were concerned.

Her pieces were worn by characters in the movie which was released in March 2021.

”They sent an email regarding the pieces they wanted to use then I shipped the piece as a sample for them to decide if it would work for them and it work. So they requested for more pieces and then we sent them,” she revealed to Miziziyangu.

She also indicated the extent to which the movie has helped her brand. She said the movie has really helped the brand and they have gained a lot of recognition in Ghana and in Africa as a whole which has also encouraged up-and-coming designers..

A scene from Coming 2 America with actors wearing accessories by Aphia Syaki

Apart from the Coming 2 America her accessories have also been used by notable award winning celebrities including Janet Jackson, Ciara and Ledisi among others.

She strongly advices the African child to dream big and also encourage the parents to build and nurture their children’s talents as she was fortunate enough to be allowed to follow her passion and dreams by her parents.

A model with a wearable art necklace from Aphia Syaki