Johannesburg style has been breaking waves in the global fashion industry for decades, with our unique local narratives serving as constant source of inspiration for popular trends and sought-after creativity. 

However, in a world with increasing business rates, expensive long-term leases, and the rapid growth of online shopping and fast fashion, traditional retail experiences are fast disappearing. 

In fact, according to Johannesburg’s best kept fashion secret Bernice Mosenthal, Founder of Sardinha Clothing, the traditional “in store” experience has become mundane, with retailers far removed from the passion that comes with the unique experience of buying an item you absolutely love.

As a result of this climate, Bernice has developed a unique brand, the 2021 Sardinha Clothing collection is all about bold prints, a low carbon footprint, sustainable comfort, and making a versatile capsule wardrobe for any era. 

This season, Bernice embarks on her first-ever media launch that will showcase and exhibit her classic Johannesburg style and fabric centred designs. The collection is a one-of-a-kind reflection of customisable clothing that exudes functional elegance, individualistic dominance, and flattering quality.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve always had this obsession with fashion, but in a very different sense. I never looked at what is in now, I have more of a general love relationship with wearing and putting together fashion styles and seeing what suits people and what makes them comfortable and confident.” says Bernice.

By organising the pop up, Bernice wanted to make the retail experience more convenient and immersive. This is a pivotal step in making the relationship between customer and brand a more meaningful one. 

Fashion in Gauteng is evolving, and Sardinha Clothing offers a positive and affordable experience that allows consumers to express themselves through their wide range of choices. 

Ending on August 31st at Hyde Park Corner, the intimate pop-up store has transformed into the official exhibition space for the launch of Sardinha Clothing, locals are welcomed to find and buy the latest ready-to-wear, sandals, swim wear, accessories, dresses and so much more.

“I am excited to expose the brand to as many people as possible, the support from my audience allows for many other small businesses to thrive too. So, let’s support local designers and let’s do so while looking good in the process.”

Contact for information about the regular open days held in Saxonwold or visit

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